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Presenting MasterCard SecureCode
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MasterCard SecureCode is a free security service that guards against unauthorized use of your existing Faysal Bank MasterCard® account when you shop online at participating merchants.

Watch a Demo.

Shop with SecureCode in Three Easy Steps
  1. Shop online at a partcipating merchant, pay with your enrolled Faysal Bank MasterCard account (credit or debit) and click submit.  
  2. The MasterCard SecureCode window will appear during the check-out process and request your SecureCode – just like an ATM requesting a PIN.  
  3. Enter your SecureCode to confirm your identity. This added layer of security is just between you and Faysal Bank - your SecureCode is not shared with the merchant.  

There's no cost or software to download - just added security for your current Faysal Bank MasterCard account.

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